Create something with your own hands

In the People’s Factory, Moments of Joy already start when you hold the great materials in your hands. When you feel their natural feel. When you slowly transform them into a beautiful everyday object. That’s when the story begins, with the curiosity and enthusiasm to create something of your own.

  • We empower, encourage, motivate you because we wish nothing more than for you to discover the joy of making things yourself.
  • You will experience the fascination of making, in a protected space where you can be courageous, curious, creative and productive!
  • We support and encourage you in your own strengths, so that you can be creative in your own way!
  • You will come into contact with materials, tools and techniques that will make you grow beyond yourself.

What you need to bring with you to make your own everyday objects in the People’s Factory? No previous experience, just a real longing for beautiful moments in your life!