The Factory for Moments of Joy

Everyday objects, created In the People’s Factory. Experience moments of joy. Every day anew.

You make them yourself on site. Under guidance, with plenty of time for creativity and in a comfortable atmosphere. Or you order them at home and turn them into your personal favourite pieces.

Create Something With Your Own Hands

It’s not the things we own that make us happy. It’s the moments we experience with them.

In the People’s Factory, these moments already begin when you hold beautiful materials in your hands. Feel their natural feel. Slowly transform them into an everyday object that tells a story – of the curiosity to create something of your own.

The People’s Factory has a wide range of tools you can use to make almost any everyday object. Jewellery from the 3D printer. Design objects created with the help of the CNC milling machine or the laser cutter. A scented candle in a concrete jar with your favourite scent. Or dresses with the sewing machine, like your grandmother used to make.

Don’t worry: You don’t need a master in production engineering. Quite the opposite: An idea or just the desire is sufficient! We take care of everything else to make it as easy as possible for you. We design the model. Get the materials. And guide you through the production process in workshops, events or personal support, step by step.

Community and a Cosy Atmosphere

Creativity needs space. That’s why we have plenty of it in the People’s Factory. The factory merges with a living room where you can relax, sit together with like-minded people, with friends or enjoy a muffin in peace.

Take Creations Home From the Factory

In our design studio, favourite items are produced in small editions. Either by local designers who live out their individual style. Or by the People’s Factory team.

You can have them all – and make your everyday life a little happier at the same time.

You will find product in our shop, ready to go. Instead of mass-produced goods, you’ll find unique products there – usually in limited quantities. You can personalise every item. Make it unique.

Or you can bring the experience of creating something with your own hands to your home. Our self-assembly sets based on the IKEA principle are easy to complete at home. And here too, you can choose your favourite colour, shape, fragrance, ….

Offers for Business

A Team Experience That Welds Together

Quite literally. Anyone who welds, mills and sews together, gets to know completely new sides of each other.

In the People’s Factory, companies can design objects together in creative workshops or team events that connect everyone right from the start. After all, the hours spent together create stories that all participants will remember and share with pleasure.

In addition to a relaxed and quite different time-out for teams, individual merchandising to match the branding or decoration that adorns salesrooms or restaurants can be produced in our workshops. Or how about a very personal give-away for guests of an upcoming event – be it the Christmas party, a conference or a company anniversary.

Even an extended lunch break – with lunch in our living room – can be sufficient to create the design. We can take care of the production. Teams who want to enjoy the whole experience can rent the factory for half or full days.

We are Convinced That Many Beautiful Moments Will Change our World!

Not the objects themselves bring joy into your life, but the experiences you have with them. From the very beginning they tell stories that make us pause for a moment in everyday life. We create these favourite items to experience moments of joy and to give you the opportunity to create them yourself.

Show Us Your Idea!

Would you like to know whether your idea can be produced in the People’s Factory? Do you plan a team event? We are there to help – just send us a message!


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